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The SINCLAIR Computer Technology Maga:


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1988 and Beyond


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RESTORE FONT (after using the BOLD/MODERN/ITALIC modifiers.

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Just as I had predicted in our last issue, my editorial entitled “SEND IN THE CLONES" opened a can of worms, but in a much more favorable light than I had icipated. And, along with our on-going R

Surve the


TDM Mail Box wa

literally bursting at (Only one person, however, wrote to tell they had caught on to the, what I thought an appropriate title. It's from a Judy Collins that was made popular in the 70's--*Send In The

That one person, was my good friend, the

seal me that was, song Clown: ever-talented Paul Bingham, who thought I should have


musical notes along with the title!)

As it turns out, I now know (thank goodness) that I probably won't be the last Sinclair user around. There are many, many of you who still feel that there is quite a bit of life left in these Silver and black boxes. Others of you, it seems, due to professional commitments (or whatever) dabble with the more expensive machin but still are very interested in what is going on here in TDM and the Sinclair community.

NOTICE: Contributors to TIME DESIGNS are independent of the TIME DESIGNS MAGAZINE CO., and opinions expressed In the contents of this ‘publication are not necessarily those of the management staff or its adver. tisers. Time Designs Magazine Co. will not be held liable for any damage or consequences resulting from instructions, assertions of fact, review of pro- {ucts or companies provided in the magazine's content. It recommended that anyone attempting to modity their computer or constructing trical project should soek help trom more knowledgeable Individuals.

finally, there are those of you who never to stay with us ry long anyway. Th “bell just too much of a do us all a favor, and sell (or

flashier temptation. Pie. give) your Sinclair computer to someone who would use

it...and also give them your back 1 of TIME DESIGNS (i# you no longer want to read them). Overall. 1 feel that “IBM PC and Clone bashing" would be an unproductive activity for us to follow. (But lord knows how many times we've heard our favorite chines bashed to death!) There

is probably a great deal of info we could gain our PC, Atari, Apple, and Commodore friends,

I'closed’ the "Send In The Clones* editorial on a positive note...which I would like to expand on a bit. There are those of you who have accused me of being too positive (or “sugar-coated"). Of cour! am aware of folks who have left our midst, and some of the user groups have died on the vine. But am equally aware of groups that are still ‘on fir and can pack in 50 to 60 users at meetings, and also some fascinating research and development that is being conducted right now with our computers.


Why concentrate on “belly aching" and “crying* about how bad things are? Why not instead work to- gether on some neat hardware and software projects. Let's recruit new members (and try to find those that have “hand-me-down* computers). Let's also try to turn around such negative bad mouthing we receive, by showing others what we can do...and start by

having a positive attitude ourselve: I don’t mean to get up on a high and mighty soap box, but Iam tired of hearing negative comments

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(even from our own users). Often I have found that the root problem is frustration. There is so much that could be done by others in this area. If someone is frustrated, a simple question (or q answered goes a long way. More than often, i Showing a user how to install a printer ‘co program to get their full size printer going, or e: plaining how a disk drive is hooked uj you who are “more knowlegeable*...we help, if you are willing to take the t something in layman's terms, or solve a problem. Enough said for the time being on the subject. Before we run out of spi I did want to share you on what's coming Our next insu GROUPS. We'll try to provid: Of groups in the U.S. and C: also some international group! Select the top ten newsle groups (to give all thor and a pat on the back). Along with the user group information, we will also list any dealer or company that s¢11) supports the Timex Sinclair comunity. And if that wasn't all, the complete TDM publication (this @ll of our regular progras Don't miss out (surprises a: Then for the summer -July/August... that will be our issue devoted to STORAGE MEDIUMS. All about disk drives, program conversions, utilitie: Some of those ‘rare* Timex and Sinclair tape drive: nd an excellent program by Floyd Chrysler u)

it from a published Spectrum program (with fon from the author) for the TS2068. It real up things for those folks that still use

Moving on to the next want introduce you to Ralph Hamme: who contributed a program

March/April "87 ‘issue of TDM. Ralph is t. many areas including the graphic arts. The

section, 1 of Las Vegi called “CUBE-I7"


Complete TS1000/1500/ ZX81 Library for just $10 Exploring TS1500/1000 Graphics The Elementary Timex/Sinclair Fifty 1K/2K Games for the ZX81 and TS1000 49 Explosive games for the ZX81 Ins & Outs of the TS1000 Making the Most of Your ZX81 The ZX81 Pocket Book Explorer's Guide to the TS1500/1000 Basics of Timex Sinclair 1500/1000 BASIC BASIC Basics for the TS1500/1000 The book distributor didn't know where to sell Timex books anymore, so we were able to buy up a quantity of them for a great price, Now, while they last, you can get this complete collection of ten different titles for an incredible $10, just $1 per book. They contain lots of wonderful program examples with explanations, programming tips, and more, Act immed- iatly..,just 100 sets are available! Order item #10BK. In-

clude $3 for UPS shipping, $7 US mail or Canada Money- back guarantee if not completely satisfied!

Zebra Systems, Inc., 78-06 Jamaica Ave., Woodhaven, NY 11421 (718) 296-2385

USER GROUP issue is his "brain child", and he has de- Signed a great looking cover for that issue. In additon to that, he will also be doing other art assignments from time to time. After twenty years in the Air Force, Ralph is ¢acing retirement and a Change of pace...we wish him the best of luck!


An Open Letter To The R


Every once in a while, Tim Woods (our Editor and Friend) will stand on a soap box, and declare his loyalty to the Timex-Sinclain community of computers And tor the larger percent. we are right behind him. These 1ittle Z80-based computers are great to work with, and to have fun with.

A good number of people, be they common users, on up to the Dealers and the ones who keep ui healthy, have stood the ground for our orphan. We putter and tinker around with these black and silver machines, making it work a little harder and a little better.

We have even banded together in small group: meeting month after month, year after year, just for the simple pleasure of talking to someone who has a common interest--the Sinclair computer.

But I have started to notice a trend. There is a departing mode going on. People are leaving our midst, to ‘upgrade* to the Big Blue Compatible, and with them goes the little tidbits of invaluable in- formation, and experience. I wish them good fortune, for they have polished their computing "baby-teeth* on our beloved brand. But let's hang onto their phone number or addr:

For the negative trend is also appearing, there are groups out there that are struggling, suffering from low membership and purpose. Some of us are tucking in our tails, hiding our pride.

Let's dust off that old 2x81, loan it to someone who doesn’t compute. If it's been awhile since you ordered that one little piece of software, or bought @ new Disk Drive, or a full size printer or monitor, Scrape your pennies together and assault your di (they'll love ya for it!). Bring a non-TS-u: your next group meet.

The time has come to start up a ‘National TSUG Organization". To think of its potential is mind- boggling. A whole continent of ide help, and servic Working together for standardization, software and hardware implementation, and even a logo to show our unity.

Think about it, and then take action.

Ralph Hammer Sec/Tr Timex-Sinclair Users Group of Las Vegas, Nevada

Guest Editorial ‘The "Sleeper Has Anaken*

you are a “DUNE* fan (as I am), you may have recognized that the title for this editorial was taken from that book (and movie)! But, that is exactly how I that I finally broke down and bought a Disk Drive System for my TS2048. That's right, ail the program development that I have been doing...Desktop Publisher and all, was 100% TAPE based! Thinking back, I thought of all the wasted hours doing tape loads/saves and verifies. How did I even stand it?

Oh, I know you've heard all this before...I know, I was skeptical too! Why would anyone want to spend so much money on a “dead* much longer is that little grey box going to work anyway...why not spend the money and get a real computer...all very good questions!! All th


Now to kick things off for this issue, we have a number of guest editorials, le tips, and general mail...s0 we have elected to let Ralph Hammer go first. As always, we appreciate your comments and any correspondence is welcome. If you haven't #illed out your READER SURVEY yet, there is still plenty of time (WHY HAVEN'T YOU!?!). Another copy of the survey is provided elsewhere in this issue. We will report on the survey findings next time, See you then!

more) I asked myself for the better part of 4 years now. I guess it took me that long to find the answer: BECAUSE I WANT TOO! That is what it all boiled down to. This little grey box is a REAL computer, not a toy! The simply fantastic programs available on it is proof enough for that. My little grey box has been going 20 to 30 hours per week, week after week, for 4 years...and when this one dies, I'll dig out my Spare, and when that one goes, I'll have had time to get a second spare...all for a lot less money than one of their "real computers*. And how reliable is Big Blue (or a Clone) anyway?

But what really sold me was the new possibilities available with the disk Aerco Disk Drive System has 64K of extra into the interface, that is expandable

The Larken RAMdisk provides a second form of added capabilities, and can use the Aerco 64K as a RAMdisk without adding

anything to the system. In each case, the MEMORY

BARRIER is broken! My new desktop program (Pixel Print Pro- fessional) uses the Aerco RAM to BANK-SWITCH a second

Pixel Print column, allowing the user to load and Switch between left and right columns in the Desktop Program. The "Print-a-Document* program (part of the

Package) uses BANK-SWITCHING to hold and print both left and right columns simultaneously! This Provides perfect column alignment in the twin (32 character) columns, and allows real 64 column Desktop Publishing when importing files ¢rom TASWORD or other word processors that create ASCII text files, in the Single 64 column format. The LARKEN version will use the RAMdisk to hold file data and provide fast data transfer similar to the Aerco Bank-Switching. Volatile or non-volatile RAM cartridges can provi quick and easy add-on memory for tape and microdrive users too!

As the add-on memory systems popular, watch for more and mor written to use these capabilities! Certainly the desktop programs are only one of many new applications that will take advantage of this new break-throus)

So, wake up your computer and do what your inner

elf has been wanting to do for a long time

nd in that disk drive order, you won't regret it!! (For your information, I have compiled a short list of for a variety of programs I u regularly. are for comparison purposes government MPG figures...but sommhat more accurate

become more programs to

S. D. Lemke Lemke Software Development Kansas

Program “SERCO

Pixel Print va-@


Uu-Fite (rien printer driver aha‘typical data File)

Pixel Print Daca

Newer Sinclair User

I was very pleased to recieve the JAN/FEB of TDM magazine and se track you should be taking. For myself, I am in- terested only in articles concerning 1/S equipment from TDM} that is, I wanted articles about IBM, 1 Would seek out national publications or their user groups which are quite strong as we all know. As to why I am interes in 1/8, I suckered in on the PC@300 (a TSi000 clone), and’ through the Dallas Timex Us Group, changed very quickly to a model 152068. I am a working engineer (1950 vintagi Where in my job I have access to and use daily, a nation wide IBM network system operating five 3090 machines with operating systems of M204, UNCMS, and TSO} these are networked via a high capacity data transfer system to our scientific computer center where we use VAX, CDC, and CRAY mainframes. The present CRAY XMP14 is being replaced in March with an XMP28. These machines will compile @ 10,000 line Fortran program in about 1 second. My department Software is being moved to the CRAY, and we will u @ VAX 8800 as the front end of this system. So for many years I did not want any kind of PC in my hom but after buying a Radio Shack TRS-80 Pocket Computer at acamera fair, and being expo to it...then along came the PC8300. The T/S Us recommended the TS2048, and when a T/S user Atari, I wound up with a TS2068, 182040 print. bit of softwares and since then I have added disk drives with the LARKEN operating system, McMichael's Commodore plotter, and lots of software from the SINCUS News Exchange Progr: Tim, we all wish you well in the and the orphan will never be a roaring the only reason I subscribe to TDM is the fact that it is a good source of T/S information and I do not have to sift through many unrelated articles. I actually would preter a magazine devoted to only the 152068, but know this is not practical (and many of the earlier programs for the 781000/TS1500/Zx81 can be utilized fairly readily you have an interest.

issue your questionaire on what

John D. Austin McKinney, Tex

Puzzle Of The Month Fan

Tf King Xerxes of the JAN/FEB Month* could afford to have over 40 wivei obviously could afford a computer. (Probably a Zorba.) We have to ask why he needed the last hint to determine the number of animals brought to him.

From Cedric Bastiaans’ program, we know the: are tno possible solutions, one with 46 wives and one with 52 wives. Let's assume the king had 46 wives I'm gure an old hacker like Xerxes wrote a program Similar to Cedric’s. There would be one differenc

jefore he receiv 1 he wouldn't yet

know the number of oxen was than half the total (this was the final hint), but he would know that the total of all the animals was equal to 46. To

what the king’s earl must have looked like, change one line in Cedric’s program. Instead of the AND 0 <W/2) in line 65, use AND W=46. The rest of the program can stay unchanged. Run the program. You'll get exactly one answer. If Xerxes had 46 wives, he would have had the answer without asking for the final clue. So we can he didn’t have 46 wives, and the solution totalling up to 52 is the only correct one. I hope that Xerxes wasn't a

‘complete computer nerd who spent all his time on his

achine. Can you imagine 52 computer widows?

This is a great puzzle because it requires both computer and human analys T came across this puzzle at the perfect time...reading TDM on the way to work! That day, my boss didn't come in, so I had all day to work on it. Since I'm not sure if my boss or anyone in his family reads this magazine, I 'd better sign off as...

“Puzzle of the

Name Withheld Upon Request

Last Of The Simple Computer?

I have to believe that I am

resistance to upgrading to a new computer every two

years. It is not the cost--I have plenty invested in

my ZX@1 systems, I just feel that I could spend the

next decade or so exploring all the possibiliti

the ZX@i with various hardware and software improv nts available.

The 2x81 is, I feel, the perfect ‘base* from which to explore the world of the computer and the Z@0 microprocessor. In a recent letter ¢rom Frei Nachbaur (Silicon Mountain Computers), Fred sums it up much better than I ever could. Allow me to quote:

*I can't help but wonder, though, 1# one day the simple computer won't reappear. It seems that the whole computer industry 1s shooting itself in the foot by coming out with fancier computers at lower and lower prices. Already it's at a point where the best you can hope for with some of the new machin: is to become a capable user. Forget about trying to understand it, At least with the 2X81 one stands a chance of learning what makes it go.

not alone in ny


Van 8. Vangor thlehem Tool Island Falls, Maine

Timex/Sinclair--*The Real Thing*

I called a

n up just the other day, ‘d like a power supply," I had to s “For a disk drive on my 2048. He replied, *forty dollars.* Isaid, “Hey, that’s GREAT!*

But then he went on to ask, "What could it do?*

I sat back and smiled and said, ‘How about you?" “oh, I started with others,”

He said with dismay,

“But look around nom, where are they today?*

Too small and too slow and not much real use there. So they sit in my closet, under the stair.*

“For just a few bucks you clone an xT!"

(Having used them before) I stated, "Oh, gee. “Move up to a machine you can DO SOMETHING with, And you can SAVE all kinds of bucks: IF

You build it yourself, it'll be QUITE a machine. With CP/M and MS-DOS, you can have a custom dream!*

“hy thank you," I said, *I*11 keep it in mind,

And give ya’ a call if I can find the time.*

But Laughing quite loudly as I hung up the phon I thought, "I've got the REAL THING, who NEEDS a CLONE! *

Clint Cook Santee, California


In the MAY/JUNE "67 issue of TDM, we published = Short 1S2068 utility by Richard Hurd, that converts ZEUS source code files into an ASCII #ile for either MSCRIPT and TASWORD Two. Evidently, there were some problems with the original listing. Here is the Corrected version, including step-by-step in- structions.

1) LOAD ZEUS (asseabler) CODE 2) Enter this Little BASIC lleting


10 LET T=0 2 FOR F=61431 TO 61624 30 IF T=@ THEN PRINT 49 INPUT N






110 LET Tso 120 FOR F=61431 TO 61624



15Q LET T=1+4:1F T2=29 THEN PRINT:LET 7 16@ NEXT F

61491 16 252 24 199 203 191 61497 14 @ 22933 67 238 61503 185 40 18 24535 126 61509 2546 40 6 25410 61515 40 2 24 244 241 12 61521 35 24 235 126 18 35 61527 12619 2548 40 6 61533 25410 40 2 24 241 61839 225 24 152 235 17 79 61545 163 167 237 62 229 193 61861 201 176 185 112 126 42 61857 114 2406 64 62 32 61663 119 35 16 252 42 112 61569 2401 @ @ 126 254 61575 13 40 8 254 255 40 61581 31 12 35 24 243 35 61587 229 237 91 114 240 42 61593 112 248 237 176 42 114 61599 2401 64 8 9 34 61605 114 248 225 34 112 240 61611 24 199 42 114 2401 61617 48 117 183 237 66 229 61623 193 201

3) Nom ent SAVE th bytes)

the llet of 194 of code I've Included.


Just add this code te the BASIC listing from the TOM article and you have it.


61431 33 @ 12817 79 183 61437 35 35 126 254 18 40 61443 41 254 120 48 47 254 61449 8 40 4 18 19 24 61455 23962 13 18 35 19 61461 126 254 255 32 7 35 61467 126 254 255