Since 1984, we have been the premier

clearing house of information for the

Timex Sinclair line of personal computers. Our magazine TIME DESIGNS, is the flagship of our enterprise. |

Some may ask, “why do you still pub-

iish a TS magazine, when all have gone out-of-business?"

Our main reply has always been: we are Sinclair owners and fanatics just like you are, and want to ensure that support for these powerful little devices, will continue for many years to come. _

We give a good deal of credit to our panel of writers and contributors for the popularity of our magazine. These experts have breathed new life into our orphaned computers. Their names read like the Who's Who of the Timex Sinclair community.

While the magazine is the biggest chunk of our business, we also maintain a stock of back issues and several Sinclair related books.

the others


Early last year, we took over the

_ entire remaining inventory of TS books

that were published by the (now defunct) Dilithium Press. Even though we supply book stores and dealers with these ex-

cellent books, we can still offer them to you direct at substantial savings.

1986 was indeed a busy year for us,

as we also secured the exclusive rights to

the "TS2068 Technical Manual” from Timex, and also acquired the mailing list and writing talent of another publication from Florida, called SUM Magazine. | We can't help feeling a little sense of pride in how well our business has grown. We now serve over 4,000 customers in North America, as well as many foreign customers from the international Sinclair community.

However, we haven't forgotten our

Original goal of personal service and

customer satisfaction. We look forward to serving you soon!

TSIOOO TS15OO 152068


Contrary to what some folks might think, the Sinclair computer IS NOT DEAD by any stretch of. the imagination! The original "“low-cost" computer line con- tinues to be the number one choice for experimenters, students, Z80 programmers, ham radio enthusiasts, and the so called “hobbyist” or "recreational computerist”.

EVEN IF YOU PERSONALLY USE ANOTHER COMPUTER BRAND NOW---PLEASE READ ON. It's surprising to find out how many people earned their "wings" on a Timex Sinclair.

Sure the IBM PC clones are cheaper now, but we couldn't agree more with one of our customers who recently wrote, "I own an IBM-type (Tandy 1000SX), but its because my vocation as an engineer vir- tually demands it. For hobby use, I'll take my 2068 and QL anyday...they are just more fun to use.”

The IBM/Sinclair connection may not be as far off as one might think. More on this later. :

One mis-~guided comment. we often hear is: "There is no support for my Timex Sinclair". We say bunk! While your not going to be able to go down to the local computer store and buy software or hard- ware right off the shelf, the support is still available, if you know where to get it. Publications like TIME DESIGNS are an excellent source of information on this. THE TRUTH IS, THERE IS JUST AS MUCH AVAIL- ABLE FOR TS COMPUTERS NOW, AS WHEN TIMEX WAS STILL IN THE BUSINESS!

We recently attended the national Sinclair convention which was held in Indianapolis, Indiana. The impressive two- day event featured 24 guest speakers and an exhibit hall where over 50 companies displayed and demonstrated their wares to the nearly 1000 guests in attendance. Another convention is slated for Orlando, Florida, early next year.

For TS1000/ZX81/TS1500 users, some pretty AMAZING software has been pioneered by a small company in British Columbia, Canada... It features) on-screen high res graphics. from an otherwise low resolution computer. There is a "dungeon and dragons" type adventure/maze game, and a new modem


Tim Woods (left), Managing Editor of TIME DESIGNS MAGAZINE, chats with Mowgli Assor (right), a Sinclair programmer from Ohio, at the recent TS COMPUTER FEST held in Indianapolis, Indiana.

terminal software package with an 80 col. screen display! Another popular item, has been a one-chip modification, that gives the user 64K RAM memory INTERNALLY, with- out the need of an external Rampack. The details on this were published in the May- June '87 issue of TIME DESIGNS.

TS2068 users have seen many new items become available the last couple of years, with more on their way. There is now three different disk drive systems available, an artificial intelligence software package, a truly useful BASIC Compiler program, RAM upgrades, and a Desktop Publishing Package complete with a variety of font styles and "NEWSROOM"-type clip art. With a simple emulator device, the TS2068 can run any one of the more than 5,000 programs which are available for the ZX SPECTRUM. Do you remember the bank-switching system that Timex hinted at? A similar system will be released soon.

The Sinclair QL ("Quantum Leap") has truly become the bargain ‘hunters dream. Where else can you find a 32-bit Motorola- based microprocessor for less than $100, and even includes two microdrives and a suite of four business software programs? The QL is now expandable to 900K RAM, has CP/M option available, and many powerful programs can be obtained, such as CAD software, SuperBASIC Compilers, and Desk- top Publishing packages that rival similar programs for the MacIntosh!

Did you know that both the TS1000 and the TS2068 are STILL being manufactured in Europe and South America?

AND THE BEAT GOES ON. We're enthused about the newest computer that Sir Clive Sinclair has designed. It's called the Z88 and it is a battery-powered laptop. It will soon be marketed in the U.S., with a retail price tag which will be $100 less than the similar Tandy Model 102. The 2Z88 features a Liquid Crystal display de- signed by Epson, four on-board programs, and the ability to upload and download IBM PC files via its built-in RS232 Serial port.

A new ZX Spectrum computer has _ been released in Great Britain by Amstrad (who purchased the Spectrum technology last year). The new Spectrum +3 features 128K RAM and a built-in floppy disk system. Amstrad is rumored to also release a new generation of QL-based 32 bit computers. Their PC1512 (an IBM clone) has_ received a fairly good reception here in the U.S. We are definitely keeping an eye on the good folks at Amstrad.

All of this information (and more!), can be found in current and back issues of TIME DESIGNS Magazine. We are keeping track of any information that pertains to Timex. Sinclair computers both here and abroad. We invite you to discover the ever-changing "world of Sinclair" by en- rolling in a. subscription to TIME DESIGNS.




“[Time Designs is] thick with info...knowledgeable writers.” |

Paul Bingham

Pleasantrees Programming

“What a nice job you are doing! | found your magazine contained lots of useful material...’’

Fred Blechman

Author of T/S 2068



“| look forward to every issue. You remind me somewhat of the old SYNC magazine.”

K. McDil


‘| was pleased to see that there was still a resource for T/S users with a big magazine format.” | T. Allen subscriber

“You should be commended...every issue has been delivered on time!”’

W. Anderson


Each issue of TIME DESIGNS gives you news, free programs, helpful hints and programming tips, re- views of the latest software and peripherals, hardware projects and much more. Our’ contributors include Wes Brzozowski, Michael Carver, Tim Stoddard, Mike de Sosa, Fred Nachbaur, Stan Lemke, Duncan Teague, Bill Ferrebee, and many others. A very popular feature is a question and answer column hosted by a service tech- nician who will help diagnose problems and recommend a_e solu- tion. As an added bonus, all subscribers get to place one free classified ad in each issue (this is a great place to buy, sell, or swap). Don't miss out on a single issue...subscribe today!!



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Volume One Issues are no longer available individually (See "BEST OF TDM").

Nov/Dec 85 Vol. 2

U.S. QL price reduction, 128K Spectrum released, Sinclair TV review, User Group Update, 2068 Star Gazer's Guide, 2068 "Shuttle Designer" s/w review, TS1000 Adventures In The RAM Jungle (part two), TS1000 Interest program, Aerco Disk Drive I/F review, Zebra 2068 Disk Drive review, 2068 Obstacle Run game program, 2068 Z- Print 80 s/w review, 2068 Vieword/Mailist/Formail s/w review, Spectrum D'Ktronics Speech Synthesizer review, letters, dealer news, more.

Jan/Feb 86

Sinclair QL fully reviewed, TS1000 Adventures In The RAM Jungle (conclusion), TS1000 Chroma-Soft s/w review, 2068 The Old Shell Game program, TS Linear Programming, 2068 "Turbos" engine program, Radio Shack Mouse & Zebra 2068 Graphics Tablet, Tasword mod for Aerco Disk Users, Kempston "Gamesmate" cart. fix, Joy- stick Wrap Around program, 2068 "Labelmaker" program, Zebra Disk Users column, 2068 “Machine Code Tutor" s/w review, 2068 OS-64 cart. review, "Rainbow-Plus" Spectrum Emulator review, more.

March/April 86

QL SuperBASIC Programming, QL "GraphiQL" s/w review, TS1000 String$ and Things, Beginning Z80 Machine Code, Tasprint and Aerco Printer I/F, 2068 "Remember" game program, Convert 2050 modem to RS-232 Serial I/F, How To Connect With A BBS, Low Cost 2068 Burglar Alarm, 2068 Hi-Res/64 Col. Graphics Utility, Aerco Disk Users column, Zebra Disk Users column, Oliger 2068 Disk I/F review, Spectrum "Artist" s/w review, Top Ten Spectrum s/w pro- grams of '85, Loading Problem Solution, product news, letters.

May/June 86

TS1000 user tips, printer tips, Improve The Zebra Graphics Tablet, News: Amstrad Buys Sinclair, TS Computer Fest report, User Group Update, Using QL With 640K RAM, QL "Qspell" s/w re- view, TS1000 "ConTSentration" game program, TS1000 Program Chain- ing, Z80 Machine Code (part two), 2068 "Casssette Directory" program, 2068 "All Caps" program, Read 2068 Tape Headers (MC pro- gram listing), 2068 "Cavern" arcade game program, Add A Joystick To The Spectumized 2068, Aerco Disks and AROS cart., much more.

July/August 86

Sinclair Micro Update, QL "Clones", TDM/SUM merger, QL game reviews, QL "Cosmos" s/w review, TS1000 External Keyboard Buffer, TS1000 Digital Clock program, TS1000 Program Chaining (part two), Z80 Machine Code (part three), 2068 "Mystery Of The Missing 253", Embellishing MTERM II, 2068 Ultra-Easy Designer Graphics program, 2068 "Poly-Scroll" program, 2068 "TS V.I.P." program, 2068 "Data- Gen" program, 2068 "SKI" arcade game program, add Word Count to Tasword, MacIntosh Menu for the 2068, Sound Synthesizer review.


Sept/Oct 86

Sir Clive's Confessions, 2068 "Light Show 2000" program, 2068 "Pixel Sketch" s/w review, Timachine-BASIC Compiler s/w review, Larken TS1000 Disk Drive I/F review, TS1000 "ZX-CALC" s/w review, 2068 "Mystery" (part two), 2068 3-D Tic Tac Toe game program, QL "Peintre" s/w review, Future Of QL In America, 2Z80 Machine Code (part four), TS1000 Program Chaining (part three), Understanding The TS1016 RAM Pack, User Group Update, dealer news, letters.

Nov/Dec 86 Vol. 3

TDM Two Year Anniversary Issue, Sinclair Spectrum 128K+2, 2068 "Musician Royal" s/w review, "Sprites 2068" s/w review, 2068 "Smart Text" s/w review, Guide To TDM Back Issues, TS1000 Kalied- oscope program, TS1000 Program Chaining (part four), Upgrading TS1016 RAM Pack To 64K, Z80 Machine Code (part five), "Mystery Of The Missing 253" (part three), 2068 phone tone generator program, 2068 "Simply Music" program, 2068 "Son of U.E.D.G." program, TS BBS Listing, "BASIC2text" program, QL Quill tips, much more.

Jan/Feb 87

Preview of TS Products For '87, More "Colors" In QL's Mode 4, QL Gas Guide program, QL Procedures, QL Quill tips (part two), 2068 Tax Calculator program, 2068 sideways graphics printing utility for GB printer, 2068 RLE Graphics Decoder program, 2068 "Mystery" (part four), 2068 Character Analysis program, Tasword Two Plus modification program, Oliger 2.1 Disk Upgrade review, I.S.T.U.G. BBS s/w review, 2068 "Colossus" s/w review, Pro/File Cart. review, Z80 MC (part six), TS1000 DAM board, much more.

March/April 87

TS Communique column, Sinclair Z88 and Spectrum +3, 2068 "Classy Front End" program, 2068 "Cube-It" game program, "Mystery Of The Missing 253" (conclusion), Spectrum "Turbo Esprit" game s/w review, TS1000 Programming Concepts, TS1000 DAM board (part two), TS1000 Program Chaining (conclusion), Z80 MC (part. seven), TS1000 "Number Madness" game program, QL Flight Simulator s/w review, QL Wind Chill Chart program, Trouble-Shoot The QL, QL Quill tips (part three), QL "Crater" program, news, letters.

May/June 87

TS Computer Fest Report, 2068 "CK Type" program, "Sketchit- G" 2068 graphics program, MSCRIPT Updates, ZEUS utility program, Spectrum "Beta BASIC 3.0" s/w review, TS1000 Programming Concepts (part three), TS1000 Hi-Res "Blackjack" game program, TS1000 In- ternal 64K RAM modification, Study of Number Systems, Z80 Machine Code (part eight), Thread Spooling with Cumana QL disk I/F, OL Abacus/Spreadsheet tips, dealer news, letters, more.

July/August 87

TS Machines in South America, Sinclair in the Kremlin, More Computer Fests, Spectrum +3, TS Communique, "STARFLEET 2068" program, “Classy Front End" (part two), RGB Interface for the TS2068, Add Professional Features to Tasword, Larken 2068 Disk Operating System review, Disciple Spectrum Disk System review, AMX Mouse review, Nova 1000 software review, Z80 Machine Code (part nine), TS1000 Programming Concepts (continued), Beyond The TS1000/TS1500 User Manual: RAM Memory, TS/ZX Programming SRAM HI*RES, QL Abacus/Spreadsheet Tips (part two), QL Support,



We no longer have in stock individual Volume One issues of TIME DESIGNS. We completely sold out several years ago. However, we do have a | i a collection of articles and programs from those | PN 5 first six issues called "The Best of...". We |


have edited out all of the information that was outdated and even added a few new items. Recently, the Vashon Island Timex Sinclair User Group newsletter ran a book review of “The Best of TIME DESIGNS”:

"As indicated by the title, this is a compendium of the first year of TDM. The book is spiral bound, 72 page collection of tips, | articles, tricks, reviews and programs...if you like TIME DESIGNS MAGAZINE, but found out | about it late (as I did), I urge you to get this "Best of" and see what you have been Se Sinclair | missing--it's well worth it.”


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Purchase all six Volume Two issues and SAVE $1.00. Includes Nov/Dec '85 thru Sept/Oct '86. | For list of contents, refer to. the guide of | back issues on the previous page.

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The Timex Corporation had 4,000 of. these

TS2068 Technical Manuals printed up, but quickly sold out of them. When they de- TIMEX SINCLAIR cided not to print any more, we offered 2068

to buy the exclusive publishing rights to

e manual. ey accepted! ow we have PERSONAL biceps ad es neal offer we COLOR COMPUTER

for exactly the same price that Timex did but our Technical Manual is an improved version. We've fixed up some errors, num- bered the pages, designed a great looking color cover, and spiral bound the whole thing. This book is for any TS2068 . owner who is interested in advanced hardware and software applications. A wealth of information with drawings, charts, and a large schematic diagram of the main PC board. Over 300 pages in all! Get your

copy today. Published by The Time Designs Magazine Co.


Build a Microcomputer -

Controlled Robot by B.C. Taylor

This is the best book on robotics that we have seen. In fact the author won an award for the robot that the book is based on. Construct a working droid using a TS1000 for a "brain". Over 200 pages, 80 illustrations in a customized 3-ring binder. There is even a bonus section for educators who would like to teach a robot course in the classroom. Find out about the latest high-tech craze and put your Timex Sinclair to work for you. (Note: Mr. Taylor has written several articles on computer controlled projects in SYNC and other magazines.)







Get ’Em While They’re Hot!

CONTROL THINGS with your Timex/Sinclair by R.L. Swarts

Do you have a TS1000 (or ZX81) tucked away in a drawer, collecting dust? Here's the perfect book for you or anyone interested in computer controlled projects. Use your computer to turn on lights and appliances remotely; time events, and monitor temperature; and much more! Also shows you how to write programs for control projects. Fully illustrated and over 180 pages. This book is also for the TS1500, and many principles apply to the 2068 as well.


ZX81: Programming for Real Applications by Randle Hurley

Includes 12 Software Programs on a Cassette Tape

If you are absolutely tired of zapping aliens or books that have no substance, you will appreciate this book and. software package. The 164 page book “walks” you through truly useful programs such as a database, a word processor, financial programs, and more...and instead of having to type in tedious’ program listings, all of the examples are included on a cassette tape! Perfect for any TS1000/ZX81 or TS1500 user.


g& | Both “CONTROL THINGS” and “ZX81”

Get both books and the tape described above, for a special package price. This same set currently sells for over $25 at book stores (we know, because we supply them!).

ee or ae —_

The Ultimate 3 Resource $

For | Yo ur a Sinclair 3 Ja THE LAST WORD | ‘ON THE SINCLAIR QL] SF ails ie Mike de Sosa

_Published by Time Designs Magazine

hans the Quantum Leap

: by Mike de ee a ee ge 00

» More and more QL owners are discovering the excellent new book by , Mike de Sosa TAKING THE QUANTUM LEAP: The Last Word On

The Sinclair QL.

; This 280 Page book is chock full of useful programs and original

programming examples. Chapters on using the bundled software and a

| look at the latest hardware and software releases. Written for both the

‘novice and more advanced users. Priced less than most software packages and nearly two pounds of information!


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